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Brabham BT55

About this project

he Brabham BT55 was a Formula One racing car designed by Gordon Murray and David North for the Brabham team. It used a BMW four-cylinder turbocharged engine tilted over on its side to allow a clear supply of air to the rear wing. The car competed during the 1986 Formula One season.

It was not successful and its introduction coincided with the end of Brabham's time as a competitive team.

Murray was much too ambitious in how much he lowered the engine. The rather tall BMW engine had to lie down so far it produced a heavily offset crank needing a special gearbox and drivetrain.

The engine never worked properly in the lay down position. The exhaust and turbo system were a nightmare and had a incurable oil surge and drain problems in corners.

Applications Used

Cinema4D and Photoshop

Creation Date

Jun, 2018


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