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Williams FW14

About this project

The FW13 FW14 and FW15 were the first cars to heavy rely on electronics "special" driving aids.

Featuring active suspension, anti-lock brakes, traction control, telemetry, fly-by-wire controls, pneumatic valve springs, power steering, semi-automatic transmission, a fully automatic transmission and also continuously variable transmission, although the latter was only used in testing. As a result, Alain Prost described the car as "a little Airbus".

Nevertheless in a raining day at Donington in 1993 Senna lapped everybody including Prost and Hill, and aside from these two he lapped all the rest several times, some up to 5 times.

Applications Used

Cinema4D and Photoshop

Creation Date

Oct, 2017

Here are some more renders of this amazing car. Since the design of the car did not changed much from FW15 to Senna's FW16 here are also some FW16 textured Williams from the 94 season. Enjoy.


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