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Browser Leakage

Is your browser leaking your information to the web?

When you browse the web, small beacons (trackers) are spying on your online activities. Even though such trackers are invisible, they collect information about you such as which pages you visit, which buttons clicked, and what text you typed.

This information is often used to show you targeted advertisements and may even make prices higher when you shop online.

Test Your Setup for Leakages

This service is provided by Gábor Gulyás. Access it here:Login-Leak Experiment


I was impressed with the results I got! But then again, I do my very best to steer clear from useless and detrimental sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. They are all a huge distraction from things that really matter.

Browser Tracking

To get get a good result you'll need to fine tune several aspects of your "box". But by no means this means you are truly untraceable.

On my end I have an application firewall running. Additionally I have a huge list of nefarious/intrusive domains in my /etc/hosts file, that prevents sites, myself and my apps from accessing major sign-in APIs url, such as Google, Apple, MS, Oracle, Adobe, and so on.

This hosts list can be found here: Hosts List

The script I use to control this list is inside my simple bash script in the host() function: Hosts Script

Also avoid dubious/unknown browser extensions. They can be a royal source of snitching.


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