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The Pixlr Editor

With the slogan "Make every moment beautiful with our family of photo editing apps." the Pixlr editor can indeed help you create and edit graphics on the go.

It is not an Adobe Photoshop contender, but can do some pretty neat things.

It requires Flash player to be installed in order to work.


You can access the Pixlr Editor for free here:



You can access it using this page and thanks to some css tricks get a full screen editor without the annoying right side panel.


The image editor has a number of attractive features, such as:

  • Clear and logical user interface
  • Layers support with blending modes, masks, and layer styles
  • All the tools you'd expect from a fully fledged pixel based image editor
  • Quick and responsive in use
  • Powerful adjustment tools including Curves and Levels
  • Full screen mode maximizes work space and makes it feel like a desktop application
  • Extensive range of filters for creative effects
  • PNG files can be transparent and of high quality. This is a good choice for the web, especially for logos or images that contain text or blocks of color separated by sharp lines.
  • JPEG (or JPG) is one of the most popular file formats and one that many cameras output. This is a great choice for images taken from real life (e.g. photos) that will end up on the web.
  • BMP files are larger and capture more data, which may be desired for higher quality images (e.g., for printing), but this is not a good format for displaying on the web.
  • TIFF is similar to BMP and is used by some graphic design professionals as a preferred format. If you need to export as much data as possible (e.g., as high quality an image as possible), your best bet is to choose the TIFF format.
  • Keep in mind that .pxd is the only format that will preserve layers for editing later.


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