Windoze Tool List

A few good links I've gathered over the years.

The List

Program Description Link
Autoruns Start-up enumeration and management Tool Download
Cain & Abel Password recovery tool Download
Chntpw Offline NT password & registry editor Download
Classic Shell Alternative Start Menu Download
Comodo Time Machine System backup and restore tool Download
DameWare Remote administration software Download
Defprof Sets the default profile for new accounts Download
DeltaCopy Incremental backup/sync Download
Double Driver Backup, restore, save and print drivers Download
EventSentry Light Event log monitor Download
HWInfo Overview of a PC’s hardware capabilities Download
Log Parser Universal query access to text-based data (search log) Download
MobaXterm RDP, VNC, Xdmcp, SSH, telnet, rlogin, Mosh servers Download
NMap Threat Assessment Tool and Scanner Download
NTFS Permissions Tools File permissions management tool for NTFS Download
NTFS Undelete File undelete utility Download
Process Explorer Process and DLL explorer Download
Product-key Finder Product key search and display Download
RawCopy Disk imaging tool Download
ReNamer Batch file renamer Download
RegAlyzer Registry editor Download
RegJump Makes regedit open to a specific path Download
Resizer Batch picture resizer Download
Resource Hacker Resource editing tool Download
Rufus ISO to USB boot creation tool Download
Sandboxie Sandbox environment for windows Download
Shadow Explorer Volume Shadow browser/recovery Download
SuperScan TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver Download
Sys Internals Sys Internals complete suite Download
TCPView Listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on the system Download
TeamViewer Remote connections tool for real-time support Download
TransmissionQT Torrent client (port for windows) Download
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2 TweakUI like Utility for W7 and Vista Download
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3 TweakUI like Utility for W8 Download
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 TweakUI like Utility for W10 Download
UltraDefrag System files, registry hives, and the paging defrager Download
Universal Extractor Decompress and extract files from installers Download
Unstoppable Copier Recovers files from disks with physical damage Download
Virtual CloneDriver Drive emulator Download
Virtual Router Wireless Internet sharing/piping Download
WSCC uUtilities from various system utility suites Download
WSUS Offline Update [Download and install system updates Download
WinDirStat Disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup Download
WinSetupFromUSB ISO to USB boot creation tool Download
Windows Enabler Force greyed out options to be available Download
Winrar File compression tool Download
Wireshark Network protocol analyzer Download


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