Virus Scan at Boot Time

The free anti-virus app I recommend for Windoze is Avast. This AV has been around for a long long time and offers a pretty good layer of security.

You can download it for free here:

Avast comes with a ton of modules but I usually do not install all of them. Less software you install on your Windows faster will run, and I think all these Avast features are a bit of an overkill.

Below is a screenshot of the installation window and the options I usually install. You have to click on Customize Installation to open the install options window.

Why Boot Time Scan?

When you execute a malware there is virtually no way of knowing what exactly that malware does. It can disseminate itself to other parts of the Hard Disk, it can move, delete, shuffle your files, it can do anything.

AVs try their best to block the threat and remove the malware on the fly, but sometimes the malware wins. Once the malware has been loaded into the memory is pretty much game over.

For this reason the Avast scan mode I most use is the Boot Time Scan. This scan will load even before Windows and the malware start, and the chances of removing the malware are way higher.

Schedule and run Boot-time Scan

To schedule and run a Boot-time Scan in Avast Antivirus, follow these steps:

  • Open the Avast user interface and select Protection -> Antivirus

  • Click Other scans

  • Select Boot-time Scan

  • Click Install specialized definitions, then click Run on next PC reboot

  • Restart your PC. When the system boots up a Boot-time Scan progress screen will appear.

  • For any detected threat you must select which action to take unless you have previously specified an automatic action in Boot-time Scan settings

The scan usually from takes several minutes to hours, that depends on the speed of your system and the number of files to be scanned. When the scan is completed, Windows will continue its boot process.

It is recommended to delete any thread found. Unless it is inside some data sheet or document you REALLY need, if thats the case try to Repair the file, menu option 7.


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