Samsung Android Boot Animations

These bootlogos (qmg files) were made for a Samsung J5 Prime (SM-G570M), but they will actually work with most samsung devices matching the animation's resolution, which is 720x1280.

To install this your phone needs to be rooted.


Each theme includes the compiled bootlogos (.qmg) and the source files (.png)

It is possible to follow these install steps using a UI app, such as Root Explorer. But we'll do it here using ssh.

First copy the bootsamsung.qmg, bootsamsungloop.qmg and shutdown.qmg to the /sdcard internal storage.

Now access the shell (adb or ssh) and make a backup of the original boot files in case you want to revert to the original animation:

mkdir /sdcard/bootlogo_bkp
cp /system/media/bootsamsung.qmg /sdcard/bootlogo_bkp
cp /system/media/bootsamsungloop.qmg /sdcard/bootlogo_bkp
cp /system/media/shutdown.qmg /sdcard/bootlogo_bkp

Remount the /system partition on read/write mode:

mount -o rw,remount /system

Then finally copy the mod files over the originals and set the proper ownership and permissions:

cd /system/media
mv /sdcard/*.qmg ./
chmod 644 *.qmg
chown root:root *.qmg

That's it! Now reboot the phone and watch.

Making Your Own Bootlogos

The bootlogos are located in the directory "/system/media". They are as follows:

bootsamsung.qmg The bootlogo animation itself

bootsamsungloop.qmg A loop that will show after the bootlogo has been displayed.

shutdown.qmg The shutdown animation

To make qmg boot animations (the format Samsung uses) all we need is the image sequences for the animation and a program called Samsung Theme Designer. You can download this program below.

Download Samsung Theme Designer

Open Samsung Theme Designer and select Feature(NonTouch) Phone, then select any model and choose the default in Showcases. Type any name for the file and choose where to save it.

In the tree on the left side select Idle Background then on the right property panel change the Background Type from fixed to animated and type in the number of frames in Frames.

Now drag the boot images into their respective frames on the Animated Object Window below.

Do it by clicking/selecting each empty frame, then drag the image onto it. Do the same for all the rest. You can also select the first animation slide and drag and drop all files at once. If you do this be sure they are in the proper sequence.

Select the Home tab and click on the Export Theme button. This will generate a .smt file. Rename the file to .zip and extract it. Your bootlogo will be the file called IdleBgAnimObj.qmg. Keep this file, the rest you can delete it.

Now rename the IdleBgAnimObj.qmg accordingly. That is, bootsamsung.qmg for the bootlogo itself, bootsamsungloop.qmg for the loop that will show after the bootsamsung.qmg is displayed or shutdown.qmg if it is the shutdown animation.

Thats it! Your .qmg animation is ready to be installed.


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