Rooting Samsung J5 Prime G570M

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Be careful!

The original Samsung software that comes with the Galaxy J5 Prime is, as is the case with all other Samsung phones, bloated! A lot of useless software that we really do not needed or wanted.

If you like this sort of thing, the solution to this "problem" is to flash a custom debloated modded build into the phone, preferably a stable one. Luckly for the owners of the J5 Prime G570M there is a nice one called BeltaOS.

Official BeltaOS Release post:

Some of BeltaOS's features are:

BeltaOS v4.3 has a number of features included that make the rom
go more fluid, and with the full use of hardware without limitations
that samsung places. Too, all the junk applications of the system
were removed.

* Deodexed
* Deknoxed
* Support Init.d
* Added Xposed
* UHQ Audio Optimizer
* DVFS Removed
* Pre-rooted

This testdrive was executed on the following device:

Phone: Samsung J5 Prime SM-G570M - G570MUBU2BRA3



Product Code: ZTO

Original System: Nougat 7.0

Target System: BeltaOS (Nougat 7.0)