Turbocharge the cd command with Teleport


This works on the macOS too! And probably other *nixes flavors.

I found this accidentally, and I am in love with it! Browsing directories back and forward just became easier.

This script works with and around the cd command to provide extended functionality. It was written by Alvin Alexander and it is hosted by Github here:


Basically all you have to do to install it is to save the script in your home directory, make a reference for in your .bashrc (.bash_profile or whatever) and create two files (the "db" for it) with the command touch.

You can read the install instructions here:

I went a bit further and instead of using the default tp command I've aliased the cd to tp in my bash's profile, so tp became in fact cd itself. The simple reason I've done this is because typing "cd" is easier and faster than "tp". As insurance, I created a cd2 alias pointing to the original cd, in case I need it for some fancy reason.


Below is a video of what Teleport can do.