Skip the Trash, Delete Right Away

Not everybody makes use of the Trash can icon on the Dock, some computer users simply don't make use of it. I am one of those users that usually after deleting something empty the trash immediately. When working with lots of copies and workflow files that can be quite annoying.

The Solution

The solution is to create an Automator app that will accomplish just that, skip the Trash and delete the files immediately, from the GUI. Just remember, if you drag anything on top of this app and release it IT WILL cause that file or folder to vanish forever. Recovery will only be possible (maybe) using a recovery software. But at this point I guess we know what we want and what we are doing. Follow the steps below to create this little, as I called.


1) Open Automator and choose Application and click Choose.

2) On the left panel, click on Utilities and locate the Run Shell Script action. Drag it to the right side panel.


3) Now delete the "cat" example command and type the following in the box (you can cut n' paste from here):

for i in "$@"
rm -rf "${i}"

4) On the upper right corner change from to stdin to as argument.


5) Now let's create the app, click on File > Export or File > Save. Type a name for the application and save it on the Desktop.

6) Lets also add an icon to that application. Search the Internet for a proper.jpg with transparency. Try "delete icon.jpg" as search term. I choose a red round icon with a withe dash in it, so it is very different from the regular Trash.

My Icon:


7) Open the.jpg image using Preview and press CMD+A to select the entire image. Now press CMD+C to copy it.

8) Select the newly create app and press CMD+I to bring the Info panel up. Click on the little icon on the top left corner (image below) and press CMD+V to paste the icon into the app. This little trick can be used to change any app or document icon within the OS X UI.


9) You can now move the newly created app to the /Applications folder (or to a folder of your choosing) and then drag it to the Dock for easy access.

That's it!


Now everything you drop on top of this app will be immediately deleted! No way back, Jack!