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Change CC Splash Screen

For most Adobe CC apps the splash screen can be changed by editing the proper .jpg that resides inside the Resources folder of the app. For instance to edit Illustrator's splash the.jpg path is:


Search for "splash" inside this Resources folder. There are some .jpg with file name "...splash...". What image the app will show on the splash depends on screen resolution, licensing status, etc. But you can quickview the.jpg's to find the one that your Adobe app displays, then edit that one. Piece of cake!


Photoshop is a different story, a windoze tool called PSCCIcon is needed to change the splash. That's because the splash for Photoshop is packed.

So you need to extract the contents of this file, edit the .jpg, repack it and then overwrite the original. Sounds complicated but is not.

Requirements for OS X (downloads)

Because this is a windoze tool the easiest way to run this .exe on the Mac is by using Wineskin which is a wine wrapper.

Also we'll need the tool itself. Actually 3 versions of the same tool, for different Creative Cloud versions.

Additional Downloads:

Create the Wrapper Wine App

Open Wineskin and do this:

  1. Click on the + icon to install a new engine. Install the latest.

  2. Once that is done click on the button Update to install the wrapper.

  3. Now click on the Create New Blank Wrapper button and type a name for the app and click Ok.

  4. Once it is done select Show Wrapper in Finder and move the .app to your desktop.


5. You can close Wineskin now.

Copy PSCCIcon to the Wrapper

  1. Extract the PSCCIcon.zip file. You'll get a PSCCIcon folder with some files in it.
  2. Now open the app you've just moved to the desktop and click on the Install Software button.
  3. Click on Move a Folder Inside and select the PSCCIcon folder and click Select
  4. On the Choose Executable window select Program Files/PSCCIcon/init.bat

Configuring the Wrapper App

You can add a final touch by selecting an icon file to this app. Fortunately I made one available here: psicon.icns

  1. Click on Advance check the box Use Start.exe

  2. Now click on Browse and select the icns icon for the app.


3. Close the configuration window.

The Final App


Extracting and Packing IDX/DAT Files

Open the app now, it will show a DOS menu with the options. I've put all three PSCCIcon executables inside. So this will work on all CC versions.

But first things first, go to the folder where Photoshop is located, right click it and select Show Package Contents open the Contents folder then the Resources folder. The path then is:


Find the following file and copy them to your Desktop:

  • IconResources.idx
  • PSIconsHighRes.dat
  • PSIconsLowRes.dat

Use the on screen menu to extract/pack the files. Read the help if you need further information.