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PPW Tools Photoshop Extension

PPW Extension by Dan Margulis

I prefer this extension to sharp my graphics over any other paid or free tool extension or plugin out there. The results are pretty impressive for a free tool. But there are other features, like the hammer workflow that creates amazing shadows and highlights, false profiles, sky correction and more. A must have for all photoshopers.

The WorkFlow

In his latest book "Modern Photoshop Color Workflow" Dan summarizes his experience presenting the "Picture Postcard Workflow", aka PPW: a disciplined, speedy, highly automated way of image enhancement.

The PPW Panel

Made by Giuliana Abbiati, the PPW Panel is a free collection of all the advanced, automated tools described in Dan Margulis' Workflow, boosted by scripted customizations. It also provides you with self-contained documentation and a special Color Guide.

Download PPW Extension

Download | CC Extensions Website